W - A - S - D will rotate the model.
press + hold any other key to freeze the model's rotation.
with no input, the model will rotate to it's original position.
expanded view is recommended.


Inspired by an Nintendo SNES I picked up on the curbside (which came with two Donkey Kong games!)


Utilized Autodesk Maya to model & UV map the console, texturing was done in Adobe Photoshop CS2.

More so a fun practice in 3D modelling. Still getting my feet wet and enjoyed spending time working on the model itself. This was the first time that UV mapping "clicked" for me and it stopped being esoteric and more of an enjoyable experience. I was a bit intimidated when it came to having to texture the console - the process was actually more straightforward than I had thought.

An exercise in:

  • 3D modelling
  • UV Mapping/Texturing
  • scripting a rotatable object (using keyboard input)