Exercise 01

expanded view is recommended to keep mouse in view pane.
in fullscreen mode (click the expand button twice) hold CTRL or COMMAND to lock cursor.

click to pop prisms.
press "R" to restart scene. press "Q" to quit game (if playing in unity.exe).

be sure to look behind you. 


Inspired by a photograph / digital art in Mark Dorf's "Nebulous" series. Read more about the artist and his work here:


Utilized Autodesk Maya to model buildings similar to those in the "Nebulous" cityscape. 

Originally intended to be a Google Cardboard app for use on mobile; however, difficulties building to devices prompted me to instead opt for a traditional build target (PC/Mac/Browser) while maintaining the gaze-based interaction I would have otherwise implemented. 

An exercise in:

  • modelling buildings
  • scripting a first person camera
  • utilizing event triggers (the final build utilized Raycasts for gaze-based interactions)


PrismWindows.zip 13 MB
PrismMacOSX.zip 15 MB

Development log


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your 'cursor lock'  doesn't work on multi-monitor set-ups

thanks for the feedback!
I'm using a Windows multi-monitor setup myself; have not had the pointer escape while holding down CTRL & moving the mouse.
Would you happen to be using Mac? I've run the .exe on a Mac VM, but did not test multi-monitor there.

thank you for your time.

Yeah, using a mac.

edited a line and updated the Mac download link, hopefully this resolves the issue. Thanks again.

The mac-native version works now , but the web-version (for those who don't have the privileges required to download) needs a little adjusting too.

ty for the heads up! Is the web-version issue(s) related to the cursor lock or is it something else?
seriously, thanks again for taking time to reply, SkyCharger.

basically same issue